" Millionaires don't have astrologers, billionaires do.                 ~~J.P. Morgan"

About Jupiter

(STA.Dip.H , Dip.A.Astrol, MAPAI)


Jupiter is a professional astrologer based in Hong Kong. She is one of the founders and tutors of The Academy of Astrology (AOA) which provides professional training of astrology to the Chinese society, mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The Academy is recognized by The Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).

She receives professional training from renowned astrologers and schools worldwide, including the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and School of Traditional Astrology. She is a diploma holder as well as a faculty member of the School of Traditional Astrology (STA).  She has an international cliental and provides consultation in astrology and tarot, including Feng Shui and family constellation in her practice, helping clients to understand their map of destiny and live out their potential to the fullest.

Jupiter is also active in writing, with 9 books published. She is also the columnist for local media etnet.hk and capital-hk.com on Business and Financial astrology. Jupiter appears in the media frequently and works with different corporations and brands like shopping malls, banks, fashion stores on various projects and events.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/jupmagiclife (English)
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jupitermagiclife/ (English)

Appointment : Please write to magiclifehk@gmail.com to make an appointment

Consultation to be taken via online conferencing platform. Details will be provided upon confirmation.  

Payment could be made by FPS/ Payme
For overseas clients, payment can be made via paypal (an additional 5% of the total consultation fee will be charged for paypal handling fee)


Astrology Reading

This is a birth chart analysis based on both Western and Chinese Astrology. The consultation can help you to gain insights on your potentials and challenges, upcoming trends, and how to make good use of the talents and tackle the difficulties. We would also explore the life issues of your concern and explore the underlying dynamics and root cause. 

Option 1 : Chart Analysis+Yearly forecast

Fee : HKD 1500/ 60 mins (For session over 60mins, fee will be charged for the outstanding time at the rate of $750/ 30 mins)

Option 2 : Chart Analysis+Long term forecast

Fee : HKD 3000/ 60 mins (For session over 60mins, fee will be charged for the outstanding time at the rate of $1000/ 30 mins)

Tarot Reading

This offer simple and direct answers for specific questions. For example : There are two job offers, which should I choose? I'm dating with someone and will there be further development?

Fee : HKD 600/ 30mins

Astrology Consultation for Entrepreneur

This consultation is for those who want to start up a business, or who are running a small business. Base on your birth chart, we will explore your keys to success,  including financial management, market positioning, which type of business is suitable for you,  human resource management etc. If you can run your business according to the potential promised in the birth chart, you will have a much bigger chance to succeed. 

Fee : HKD 1500/60 mins (For session over 60mins, fee will be charged for the outstanding time at the rate of $750/ 30 mins)

Auspicious Date Election

Selecting auspicious date for important events :
--Business start up/ Shop opening
--Moving home

Fee : start from HKD 1800