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卜卦占星 : 問卜要誠心

卜卦占星(Horary Astrology) 本質就是關於問「問題」,問卜者有一個疑問(無論是關於事業、愛情、金錢、做生意、尋找失物、健康等等),提出後,當占星師完全了解問卜者的問題後,就以該時間起星盤,然後根據該星盤作出回答。其實這個過程跟傳統的問卜差不多,都是問問題—>起卦—>解答。同時,也跟我們常說的「心誠則靈」的「誠」很有關係。

對星盤作出判斷前,古代的占星師提醒我們,該星盤是否能夠被判斷,正如William Lilly於Christian Astrology (p.121)中寫道 “All the ancients that have wrote of questions do give warning to the astrologer, that before he deliver judgement he should consider whether the figure is radical and capable of judgement.”

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卜卦占星 : 應該購買此物業嗎?


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Horary Astrology : Should I buy this property?

**Original article written for Infinity Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Issue Infinity Magazine 11

Should I buy this property?

Buying and selling property is an important decision to many people as they usually have only a few transactions in their whole life. Making a correct decision may mean making a fortune while an unwise transaction may bring troubles and nightmares. As the property market is heated up worldwide, property related questions are some of those mostly asked. We will see in this article the aphorisms for property matter and will study a chart example.

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